About Us

The Bluegrass Music Alliance (BMA) is a 501-C-3 private non-profit organization that is governed and operated by a volunteer Board of Directors.  Funding to support the BMA sponsored activities comes from membership dues, donations, sponsorships, event ticket sales as well as the sale of merchandise such as T-Shirts, etc. The purpose of the organization is to Support, Promote, Educate and otherwise sustain a greater awareness of Bluegrass Music in all of its wonderful forms from Traditional Bluegrass thru to Progressive Bluegrass and Newgrass.

Our Mission

It is our mission to Support, Promote and Teach and otherwise continue the Playing of Bluegrass Music in all it’s wonderful forms.  Our goal is to help Bluegrass Music by supporting and promoting the following:

Area Bands in their endeavors to Play the music.  We want to offer Member Bands a One-Stop place to link their listeners to their Band Websites and Schedules.  Sponsor events that can support and pay our member bands to perform.  Supply a member base to support the bands marketing efforts.

Individual Listeners of this music so that they can find their favorite bands or new bands that they may have not otherwise been aware of.  We also wish to support listeners by providing a One-Stop place to find where to listen to their favorite music whether its a single band gig, a festival or just a local jam.

New Players of this Great Music.   We hope to assist newcomers to this music in learning how to play it.   We hope to do this by providing Certified Classes such as all individual instruments, the rudiments of Bluegrass Jamming and How to be in a Successful Band as well as others.   We hope to design classes which will allow us to bring this music into the existing school’s music programs.  Endeavor to bring more young people into this music while satisfying the older players with a place to learn also.